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Ideas for Action, LLC offers clients a team of individuals whose superior skill sets not only bring immediate value, but provide direction for future success in a collaborative and participatory manner. All members of Idea for Action’s team are specialists who are accomplished professionals in their fields of expertise, strategists who possess keen insight and provide valuable counsel, and purpose-driven people, relentless in their passion for what they do and the difference it makes. Our team is as diverse as it is singularly focused on driving organizational outcomes, and passionate as it is engaged in helping your organization and its leaders reach peak performance and navigate to a successful future.

Our team is made up of the following extraordinary professionals:


Jean S. Frankel
Jean S. FrankelPresident and CEO


Nancy Alexander
Nancy AlexanderSenior Partner
Alan Davis
Alan DavisSenior Partner
Mela Dutka
Mela DutkaPartner
Thomas Ellett
Thomas EllettPartner
Paulette Granberry-Russell
Paulette Granberry-RussellPartner
Judith Dozier Hackman
Judith Dozier HackmanSenior Partner
Ethan Hanabury
Ethan HanaburyPartner
Jolene Knapp
Jolene KnappSenior Partner
Vinay Kumar
Vinay KumarPartner
Krister Lowe
Krister LowePartner
Elizabeth Lucas
Elizabeth LucasPartner
James L. Murdock
James L. MurdockPartner
Robert Nelson
Robert NelsonPartner
Deborah Nystrom
Deborah NystromSenior Partner
Sarah Osteen
Sarah OsteenPartner
Dianna Sadlouskos
Dianna SadlouskosPartner
Dan S. Soller
Dan S. SollerPartner
Kevin Whorton
Kevin WhortonPartner