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Founder, President and CEO, Ideas for Action, LLC

Jean S. Frankel is an internationally known and respected management consultant, educator, facilitator and executive coach. As a founder and principal of Ideas for Action, LLC, Frankel has designed and facilitated strategic planning, governance redesign, organizational assessment, and leadership development activities for a wide variety of organizations. Her consulting experience includes work with organizations in a variety of business sectors, including professional and trade associations, academic institutions, community-based economic development organizations, and philanthropic and fraternal groups of all types and sizes.

    • Frankel’s recent client portfolio includes Michigan State University,  the National Collegiate Athletic Association. and the University of Michigan.
    Frankel is a proven strategist, with group process and analytical skills enhancing her ability to develop collaborative solutions with clients in the areas of strategic planning, governance redesign, leadership development, organizational structure, process and culture change. As an experienced consultant, Frankel has helped individuals and organizations find solutions to critical issues and challenges. Her broad experience enables her to bring a unique blend of innovative organizational and strategic solutions to her consulting assignments, which have included:
  • Designing and facilitating governance and leadership development efforts focused on building the individual and team core competencies required to establish and sustain organizational success.
  • Leading strategic planning initiatives designed to guide organizations in the development of comprehensive and cohesive vision and strategy through four key planning horizons, which link core ideology and envisioned future with strategic and annual business planning.
  • Securing support for acceptance of significant organizational change, such as restructuring, governance redesign, strategic planning outcomes and culture change;
  • Educating Boards and leadership teams to be more strategic in focus and to achieve their full potential, coaching executives at all phases of their careers to achieve personal and professional success;

Frankel is regarded as a major contributor to the unique body of knowledge of association management in membership organizations. She is co-author of three best-selling books –The Will to Govern Well, considered a classic on association governance, Building a Knowledge-Based Culture, focusing on the special dynamics of membership organizations, and her new work on leadership From Insight to Action: Six New Ways to Think, Lead and Achieve, all published by Association Management Press.
Prior to founding Ideas for Action, LLC in 1995, Frankel led large scale planning and organizational change efforts for major corporations such as American Express and AT&T. She has also had functional responsibility in strategic planning, marketing and sales, information technology, customer service, engineering, manufacturing and human resources. Frankel holds a B.A. from Muhlenberg College, did graduate work in Journalism and Mass Communications at New York University, and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Executive and Organizational Coaching Certification Program, a strategic partnership between the Columbia Business School and the Teacher’s College Executive Education Department. She is a frequent speaker on strategy and leadership at many industry conferences and symposiums.

“Very good at getting to the heart of matters and drawing out concerns and solutions from group participants. Jean Frankel’s clarity and excellent way of articulating issues and needs is just astonishing and much appreciated.”

Program Director, Trade Association

“Consistently provided great results for our organization in the areas of governance and strategic planning.  Jean Frankel’s in-depth knowledge and guidance have made it possible for our organization to discuss and agree on a strategic direction. Her personable style makes her a joy to work with.”

Executive Director, Professional Membership Organization

“Thanks again for your insights and leadership of our board discussions. You did an excellent job of raising the bar for our Board, in raising awareness of issues they need to be thinking about as leaders, and in building a strong consensus for moving forward.”

President , Credit Union

“It was sheer pleasure working with you at our recent retreat. Having been involved in leadership in the association since 1992, I can honestly say that this session was the most refreshing and energizing that I have ever experienced You are also to be commended for all the obvious prep work you did to understand our industry so well! We are poised on the brink of moving to the next tier, and you are the catalyst that will get us there.”

Board President, Trade Association