Project Description

There has never been a more complex time to be a leader. More information, more decisions, and more activity are universally expected outcomes. Experts say that the growth of data has now reached an unsustainable level. In the coming years, leaders increasingly will find themselves deep inside a sort of “information vortex,” with infinite ideas for programs, services, strategies and structures swirling around them, and with little control over the origin or destination of these ideas.We believe that the challenge for leaders and organizations will be to cope with and navigate through an ever-increasing data flow, resulting in the need for the next paradigm of leadership.

How can leaders succeed in this new, more complex information vortex? What information and insight will help leaders to manage ideas, rather than system structures, processes, and data? What knowledge will help leaders and organizations thrive?

Ideas for Action is committed to creating and sharing our collective knowledge and insight. Through regular blogging, speaking and writing, we share our insight with our clients and our communities, and serve as thought partners in helping our clients identify everything from big-picture trends to actionable solutions.

Ask us about our insights. We’ll be glad to share them with you. And to co-create and help you develop your own.