Project Description

The term “governance” comes from the Greek word meaning to steer, as in steering a ship or a company’s strategy. Governance often refers to the decision-making units of an organization and the relative powers, authorities, and responsibilities that each possesses, as well as to the composition of each unit and how individuals are selected to participate in each. Governance is about oversight, process, independence, and accountability. In recent years, as it has become increasingly important to make decisions quickly and with better knowledge, many organizations have streamlined their approach to governance, moving toward a more integrated model that focuses not on structure alone but also on systems, processes, and culture.

What will be required for organizations to execute effective governance that yields ongoing relevance and value, and meets the needs of both stakeholders and the organizations of which they are a part of? What is required for organizations to seek and sustain the will to govern well?

Ideas for Action’s  consultants, coaches and facilitators will help your organization build  stronger governance through:

• Design, development and facilitation of Board orientation programs
• Ongoing board development and coaching
• Strategic thinking retreats for boards and other leadership groups
• Annual board self-assessment and facilitated dialogue sessions
• Leadership consultation and assistance
• Evaluating and redesigning governance structures