Project Description

Most organizations focus on developing and maximizing human capital and encouraging and motivating people to achieve organizational performance. Frequently, staff are hired for their technical competencies and subsequently promoted to positions of leadership without formal training about how to maximize human capital. Volunteer leaders in nonprofit organizations are appointed or elected because of their professional or industry achievements, not necessarily for their leadership or motivational skills.

Ideas for Action’s consultative services help organizations supplement internal human capital with subject matter expertise gained through decades of experience in many kinds of nonprofit organizational structures.  We provide both content and leadership advice and counsel to organization and individuals. Our services include:

• Advising new executives as they assimilate into a new organizational structure and culture, maximizing the organization’s investment in the new hire.

• Working with high-potential staff to help them develop leadership skills and advance into new positions.

• Working with board chairs and chief elected officers to help maximize their leadership competencies and gain new ones.

• Working with leadership teams of chief staff and chief elected officers to gain a greater understanding of working and thinking preferences and to negotiate more effective working relationships.

• Working with staff or volunteer leaders who have potential but have behaviors that are blocking their advancement.