Project Description

Do your organization’s leaders understand the underlying drivers of change? When communicating vision and strategy and proposing culture change, do they understand the impact on people in terms of their hopes, dreams, assumptions, and fears? Do they understand the barriers to change that exist in individuals and groups, and how to help themselves and others move past those obstacles? Ideas for Action can help facilitate important conversations through:

  • Design and facilitation of community conversations around complex issues
  • Building consensus around emerging themes and new ideas
  • Ensuring engagement and buy-in of stakeholders and constituents
  • Identify areas of agreement and conflict and facilitate discussion of alternatives
  • Co-create new and emerging organizational cultures
  • Pave the way for acceptance of new ideas, new strategies and new vision

Let us help you engage your stakeholders and your organization in conversations that matter. We use a variety of methods to engage small and large group dialogue, including Future Search, Open Space, and Appreciative InquiryCall us today.