Research for Assessment and Planning (Oh my!)


An Ideas for Action blog series on research tools, realities, outcomes, and pitfalls, and navigating your way through it all. Co-Authored by Judith Dozier Hackman and Mela Dutka, Partners at Ideas for Action, LLC. Many [...]

Ecommerce options for Non-Profits


Guest Post By Kevin Sprague, Marketing Strategist at Ideas for Action, LLC and Creative Director at Studio Two. I work with many non-profit organizations. Over the last decade I've developed new websites for many of our clients and migrated [...]

Tools for 360 Degree Vision and Foresight


By Jolene Knapp, Senior Partner at Ideas for Action, LLC. Foresight is a leadership imperative. Here are some tools that will help you strengthen and grow your ability to stay attuned to and make sense [...]

Leveraging the Tetris Effect for Better Relationships


Leveraging the Tetris Effect for Better Relationships By Guest-Blogger Sarah Osteen of  SparkStrategyLLC As a teenager in the early 90s I wasted many evenings playing Tetris - the electronic game where you build and destroy [...]

Considering Executive Coaching?


Considering Executive Coaching? What kind of coaching is right for you? Get the facts – not the hype. By Judith Dozier Hackman , Senior Partner at Ideas for Action, LLC Coaching is an increasingly growing service not [...]