Project Description

Do your leaders understand the power of a strategic question? Do they understand that to help an organization achieve and sustain its full potential, sometimes the question is more powerful than the answer? Do they understand the importance of and, in fact, use open-ended, exploratory, engaging strategic questions to develop creative, collaborative, and sometimes courageous conversations about the future? What questions are your leaders afraid to ask each other and themselves? What methodologies for strategic planning and thinking will be needed to bring those questions to the surface and to ensure that your organization navigates successfully into the future?

Ideas for Action provides expert guidance for organization on strategy, including strategic planning, visioning, consensus building, and resource assessment.

  • Design and facilitation of strategic planning retreats, projects and initiatives
  • Conducting environmental scanning and future scenarios
  • Data gathering – surveying and polling (including web-based research)
  • Designing and conducting focus group research
  • Defining identity and direction – purpose, values, vision
  • Setting outcome-oriented goals, measurable objectives and actionable strategies
  • Operational strategy consultation and operational plan preparation
  • Strategic plan annual review and update sessions

IFA Strategic Long-Range Planning Overall Approach

Ideas for Action LLC, has found that regardless of size or infrastructure, organizations of all types benefit from having a strategic long-range plan and planning process that links decisions about timeless mission, long-term direction, mid-range goals and operational priorities in a cohesive, repeatable process.

The IFA model is based on the balance between what doesn’t change –timeless core purpose and core values, and the vision that drives change – what the organization seeks to be or become within a 10-30 year horizon, a big goal and a vivid description. This approach balances that vision with a set of assumptions about the relevant 5-10 year future environment. These statements, (which also serve as annual calibration points), predict future conditions and critical uncertainties impacting the organization and its stakeholders, and serve as a basis for developing 3-5 year mid-range goals, which articulate measurable outcomes, along with barriers that the organization may face in seeking those outcomes. Finally, an organization must have an effective annual operational planning process that specifies how discretionary resources (people, dollars, time) are to be allocated in order to make progress toward the organization’s vision.

We also strongly recommend an annual review of the long-range plan, identifying changes in the relevant environment, reaffirming direction, and evaluating progress.

IFA Strategic Long-Range Planning Process Model

Strategic Plan Model

IFA Annual Strategic Plan Review Process Model

IFA Planing Model