Nancy Alexander MBA, MA, CMF

Organizational consultant, executive and team coach, master facilitator

Helping organizations, teams, and leaders realize their expansive goals

Visionary and practical, Nancy Alexander has more than 25 years of experience helping leaders and organizations make a transformational impact. Her clients are leaders of businesses and professional firms, start-ups, foundations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, associations, and communities who attain sustainable results through sound and focused envisioning, goal-setting, and action.

Nancy is a Columbia University-certified executive coach, member of the Bregman Leadership Coaching team, a trained mediator, certified systemic team coach and one of fewer than 40 Certified Master Facilitators (the highest credential in the facilitation field) worldwide. In 2017 she will complete the Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching, UK.

Nancy began her career in brand management, marketing, strategic planning, and new ventures with Procter and Gamble and American Express. After serving as a Bank of America vice president, she became a social innovator and eco-entrepreneur and founded one of the first green consumer product and service companies in Connecticut.

Nancy works with organizations, teams, and leaders in transition, co-designing and leading processes that help them define, expand, and realize their vision and mission.  She brings wide knowledge of organizational dynamics and structure, strategic planning, governance, board development and succession, group process, workshop and program design, visioning, innovation, marketing, branding and positioning, finance, diversity and inclusion, fundraising strategy, and grant-making,   

An expert consultant and researcher, and even more importantly an open listener and creative questioner, Nancy skillfully draws out the knowledge and wisdom she believes is inherent in her clients and their stakeholders. Clients rely on her to create spaces where they find new, inspiring answers and opportunities based on their unique individual and collective strengths and aspirations, and then develop the focused, practical strategies for bringing them to fruition.

“Nancy is a brilliant strategic thinker, a highly skilled communicator, and a remarkably effective facilitator. She shines especially in inspiring organizations toward creative, innovative, yet sensible solutions to complex problems.”

“… a gifted professional who coaches and guides organizations to foster leadership based on enduring values of service and success.”

“Watching Nancy listen changed the way I work.”   

Born into a theatre and film family and a graduate of New York City public schools, Nancy earned her BA in sociology and MBA from Yale and an MA in women’s studies at Southern Connecticut State University, and was a PhD candidate in religious studies at Lancaster University, UK. She is also a Yale Public Voices Fellow with the Op-Ed Project, and a member of the Golden Seeds angel investor group. Completing the New York City Marathon took her almost as long as raising four daughters.